The popularity of our in house products has made it increasingly difficult to make time and space to welcome you for traditional meals during the sugaring season.

We no longer offer sugar shack meals.

However, we are grateful that many of you are regular customers of our in house “Cabane Bellavance” products.

As you may know, we supply local agri-food businesses with savoury and sweet pies, pickled vegetables and fruit preserves, all made to their specifications (C1 permit holder). Our products are available in many grocery stores across the Eastern Townships and Sherbrooke, including at IGA EXTRA Markets.

Serving a meal and making our in house products each require very different kitchen set ups. The weekly move of kitchen equipment had become more demanding and exhausting for our team. Serving meals during the sugaring season required Gabriel, France, and our regular employees to work long stretches without taking days off.

The harvesting and processing of maple sap in our sugar bush continues, our syrup is used in the production of our in house products.

Thank you, dear customers, for having given us the opportunity to welcome you every spring since 1977. You have been the key to our success.